NovionX PlasmaChip

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Next Generation Ion Sources. Industry 4.0 ready
What is PlasmaChip

PlasmaChip is a tiny ion source for mass spectrometry, which offers FAST ANALYSIS IN REALTIME of various compounds of interest. Almost no separation nor sample preparation is required. Fast identification of the desired molecules can be achieved in complex sample matrix.

How does PlasmaChip work ?

PlasmaChip uses newest solid-state RF Technology to generate a small plasma jet. The tiny plasma jet desorbs and ionizes the molecules from the surface of the sample matrix. Additional desorption of the analyte occurs due to the plasma gas temperature and due to the excitation of the rotational frequency of the water molecules, present in the sample. The PlasmaChip produces [M+H]+ ions, which drift further into the inlet capillary of your MS or IMS.